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What's EVA?

 It's Epic Video AI [EVA] and it's a text and image to-video engine run by Synthesys Technology.

EVA boasts the capabilities to bring your imagination to life - in the form of video...

But it can do so much more with Canva integration, video personalization, AI model generation, lip sync, face swap, image generation, and more - making it one of the most robust AI Video apps in the World.  It's EPIC!

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Legal Agreement

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ANY VIOLATION to this Legal Agreement will be cause for immediate termination of your account without refund.

​ ALSO, if you purchase this product from any other source besides DIRECTLY from this vendor and through an approved JVZoo affiliate, know that you will NOT own this product and will not be eligible for Synthesys AI Studio Support nor will you be eligible for a refund from this vendor since you did not purchase through the vendor. ​

So called "product sharing membership sites" are illegal. They offer you nothing but access to the membership and not ownership of a product. Everyone else who has access to the same accounts can see what you are creating, can edit your work, and even delete it.

EVA For You.

Take A Sneak Peek At Just A Fraction of What EVA Can Do For You...

  • Ecommerce Product Listing Videos
  • B-Roll Videos For Your Video Editing
  • Motion Backgrounds For Intro & Outro Videos
  • Stock Videos 
  • Create Mini Story Teaser Video
  • Animated Short CGI Film
  • Generate Text-to-Images for Video Creation

  • Personalize Videos
  • Faceless YouTube & TikTok Channels
  • TV Commercials Ads
  • Cartoon Creator
  • Create AI Music For Your Videos
  • Change Video Subjects (Faceswap)
  • Create within Canva

Create Magic With EVA's TRUE Text-to-Video Capabilities

Create videos from your imagination with true text-to-video from Synthesys.  There's no limit to the type of video you can create, no limit to the style, anything you can imagine can become a video in just seconds.

Free Your Creative Imagination With EVA's Image-to-Video Capabilities

 EVA can also produce stunning motion videos from images as well.  Upload any image (or create one from scratch using Synthesys text-to-image technology that is included) and turn it into motion in just seconds.

Create Cinematic Stories With EVA's Multiscene Capabilities

 Create video stories with up to four scenes based on text prompts.  Perfect for creating scenes for story books, commercials, video ads, media to use in other videos, and more.  

Experience EVA's FaceSwap Capabilities

One of Synthesys' most popular features has been infused into EVA - FaceSwap. Change the subject of the AI videos you create by simply uploading an image. Instantly change the face of any subject in your AI videos right before your eyes. 

Create Selfie Videos & Images With EVA's Personalized Capabilities

Upload a subject to use in your videos or image and create your very own AI Models. Personalizing your AI videos or images with just a few clicks has never been easier.  Make yourself (or anyone) the subject of any of your AI videos or images.

Take Your Creativity To A Whole New Level With EVA's Canva Integration!

Expand your video production abilities even more with Canva.  Create AI Videos with EVA directly in Canva to use with your Canva projects. The entire scene on the left was created in Canva!

 "The Founder's Webinars" are exclusive webinars that will be held throughout the seven day launch period of EVA. If you're one of the lucky attendees, you'll meet EVA live, see cutting-edge AI Video technology never seen before, and talk with the team. You'll also have the opportunity to get EVA for free, get special discounts not available anywhere else, and see one of the most exciting AI Video creation tools ever just for attending.

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Founder's Webinar  July 03 @ 3PM EDT

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