Hi, I am EVA By Synthesys.  Welcome to the Founder's Launch...

Bring Your Imagination to Life With TRUE AI

Text-to-Video and Image-to-Video...

Equipped with special features like Canva integration, video personalization, face-swap, AI text-to-image for videos, AI music 

generation and more! 

All Unlimited, For A Limited Time...

Unlimited Fair Usage

One-time Low Investment

For Seven Days Only

What's EVA?

 It's Epic Video AI [EVA] and it's a text and image to-video engine run by Synthesys Technology.

EVA boasts the capabilities to bring your imagination to life - in the form of video...

Just think it and see it in motion...

Animate your imagination in minutes using text & images!

Flexible video dimensions with 1080p quality. 

Includes Canva integration for maximum design flexibility!

And that's just a fraction of what EVA can do...

The Process Is Super-Simple


Download or Save Your Newly Created AI

Access your creation, simply download your newly generated video to your computer.

Watch Eva In Action

Unlock Unprecedented Creativity with EVA's Canva Integration!

You Have The Option To  Get EVA By Synthesys Bundle Or Mega Bundle


  • Text Prompt To AI Video
  • Image To AI Video
  • 150 Videos/month Limit
  • Canva for AI Video 
  • Create video stories with scenes (up to 16 seconds video)
  • 1080p video quality 
  • 16:9, 9:16, 1:1 video dimensions
  • Create videos with ANY face you like
  • Create AI videos in any human pose
  • Change the face of with face swap your videos with one click
  • Add lip sync to your ai generated videos
  • Create beautiful AI photos and videos of real people
  • Upload your selfies and create your own AI model
  • Take 100% AI photos in any pose
  • AI text to images 
  • AI Music
  • Commercial License 

Legal Agreement

NOTE: By PURCHASING this software or RECEIVING IT as a PRIZE, YOU are LEGALLY AGREEING that you will NOT use EVA by Synthesys or the images or videos from this software for the purposes of endorsement or impersonation, or for any purposes where it may be deemed unethical, immoral, or illegal. Producing anything sexual or violent is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. ​

You, as the product owner, are responsible for ALL CONTENT that is produced from this site. ​

You fully acknowledge that EVA by Synthesys is not responsible nor liable for content generated by you. ​

By PURCHASING this software or RECEIVING IT as a PRIZE, you FULLY UNDERSTAND that you can be PUNISHED BY LAW if you create and distribute fake news, false information, defamatory or foul content. ​

ANY VIOLATION to this Legal Agreement will be cause for immediate termination of your account without refund.

​ ALSO, if you purchase this product from any other source besides DIRECTLY from this vendor and through an approved JVZoo affiliate, know that you will NOT own this product and will not be eligible for Synthesys AI Studio Support nor will you be eligible for a refund from this vendor since you did not purchase through the vendor. ​

So called "product sharing membership sites" are illegal. They offer you nothing but access to the membership and not ownership of a product. Everyone else who has access to the same accounts can see what you are creating, can edit your work, and even delete it.

Add lip-sync to your videos with people, cartoons, etc. in them.

Create connected stories with up to four different scenes

Personalize videos with any human and perform face swaps 

Get Your EVA Founder's Access For A One-Time Payment!


Bundle + Unlimited Usage

  • Includes The EVA Bundle + 
  • Generate unlimited AI videos with fair use (1500 videos per month)
  • Generate unlimited text-to images (no fair use) 
  • Generate unlimited AI music (no fair use) 
  • Coupon Code "MEETEVA" Is Active For $100 Off

Attention:  In order to meet the high demand of our Mega Bundle Founder's members, we're having to raise the price as new members join. Thank you for your understanding.

  • EVA Commercial - Includes the text-to-video, and image to video engine that produces stunning, 1080p, AI videos based on your prompts and/or images. Create stories of up to 16 seconds long.  Create videos in square, vertical, and horizontal format for different applications. All media you produce can be downloaded and/or stored in your library for future use in projects!   $67


  • EVA Influencer - Make the subject in your images and videos anyone you want them to be. Mix faces (faceswap), place any subject (you, a client, etc.) directly in videos and images.  Upload voice audio and make the subjects in your videos and images talk. Manipulate your videos and images with even more precision with poses, and personalization!  $97

  • EVA AI Music - Create music with AI technology to use in your videos! $47

  • EVA AI Images - Enables Synthesys AI Image engine for EVA so you can create images based on prompts, and turn them into stunning videos.  This is unlimited fair usage (2000 images per month) $97/yr

  • EVA Unlimited - Unlimited fair usage (1500 videos per month) for your video creations. $197/yr

Create AI images for your AI video productions

Create specific poses in your images & videos with an image  

Create AI Music for your AI video productions (bonus)

Bring Your Wildest Imagination To Life: Experience The 'EVA' AI Magic!

Watch EVA Transform Your Text or Images Into Mesmerizing Videos!


Choose Your Settings & Click "Generate"

Spice up your creation with detailed settings and configurations for the optimum output. Hit the generate button and watch your imagination come to Life.


Input Your Prompt or Upload Your Image

Enter your detailed prompt or upload your desired image to set EVA in Motion.

Create Mind-blowing Captivating Videos Like These With EVA's Text-to-Video Engine! 

Text To AI Video

Effortlessly transform your text into stunning, high-quality videos. With Eva's advanced AI technology, you can create captivating cinematic experiences with your simple text prompts.

Image to AI Video

Instantly bring your static images to life, with EVA's image to video engine. Easily animate your photos to create engaging dynamic videos with cinematic flair. 

Text to AI Image

Convert your text into vivid, high-quality images. In few clicks transform your ideas into stunning image visuals effortlessly.

Create Multiscene Story

Craft intricate multi-scene stories with ease. Build compelling cinematic movies that captivates your audience from start to finish.

Personalize Your Videos

Become a part of your creations by uploading a selfie or photo. Eva integrate your face into video, making you a character in your own cinematic world.

Pose Control

Achieve the perfect look by applying body poses and compositions from your reference image to your video subject. You'll have full control over the visual styles and posture, ensuring your video meet your creative vision.


Easily swap the face of the subject in your ai videos with the face from your reference photo for more personalized and unique ai video creation.

Character LipSync

Bring your character to life with captivating voice-over. Eva's lipsync ensures that the subject in your video accurately sync their lip movement to match the audio, for a more realistic and engaging video. 

Transform Text Into Flawless Cinematic Magic

With EVA's State-of-the-Art Features!

Create Unlimited AI Videos

For A Low One-Time Investment

Includes AI Image & AI Music Creation

The Founder's launch is the only time you'll be able to get the entire EVA Mega Bundle (every feature with unlimited use) for the low, one-time cost you see on this page. This is what you're getting today (available for only seven days).

That's Normally $67 + $97 + $47 + $294/yr

For Everything In The EVA Bundle

Available For Only 7 Days

For The One-Time Foudner's Price Below!

To get you off to a great start and show you how EASY it can be to create prompts for EVA, we showcase some of the prompts that we used to create the stunning media that you see on our sales and prelaunch pages.

Copy these prompts or use them as a guide for your own prompts.

Plus These Extremely Useful Bonuses

Are Included Today As Well...



As you know, Canva has yet to make the final release to Synthesys. We’re hoping that will occur during launch or immediately afterwards. Due to this, we’re offering you a SPECIAL LIVE TRAINING where we will show you many things that you can do with EVA and Canva together.

We’ll settle on a date for the training after the release and announce it to all our buyers. Please stay tuned for this valuable training.



Many of you will want to take your EVA videos and do more with them, but you may not have access to a video editor or know how to use it. CapCut is a FREE video editor that has excellent features and is easy to use. While it includes excellent training, we thought we’d offer some additional insights with this How To course. It includes 21 short videos to get you started and answer your questions, and spark some ideas.



You Also Get Our

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you're not happy with the Eva by synthesys software, we will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.

Frequently Asked


Q What’s the Founder’s Launch?

The Founder’s launch is a seven day event for the release of EVA (Epic Video AI) by Synthesys.  During this special launch event, you’ll be able to get everything EVA has to offer (and more) at ultra-low discounts, including unlimited (fair) usage.

Q What If I Have Other Synthesys Products?

Although EVA resides on the same platform as other Synthesys products, it is a completely new technology that stands alone from other Synthesys products.  Some of the technology found in Synthesys products (e.g. FaceSwap) is used to enhance EVA, but EVA is not an enhancement to other products.  For this reason, there are no discounts available to access EVA for owning other Synthesys products.

Q Are There OTOs?

No, there are no upsells.  What you see on this page for the low, one-time, investment listed is all of it.  You have two options: The EVA Bundle or the EVA Mega Bundle which includes Unlimited (fair) usage. 

Q Do you have a Fair Use limit?

Yes, we do have a fair use of 1500 video generations per month (50 videos per day). The limit counter is reset the next day. Please note, each render of up to 4 seconds will be considered 1 video. Each subsequent 4 seconds of video will count as an additional video in your daily limit quota. For example, if a video of 12 seconds is rendered, it will be counted as 3 videos out of daily/monthly quota.

Q Are There Any Special Discounts?

Yes, there is an active coupon code for the Mega Bundle option “MEETEVA” that is worth $100 off the listed purchase price, but only for a limited time.

Q What’s The Live Webinar Option On This Page?

If you’d like to see a live demonstration of the product before making your decision to purchase, you can sign up to one of our live webinars.  You’ll see the next time and date scheduled once you click to register.  If you cannot make the webinar time it’s okay, we’ll send you that specific replay.

Prompt: A pixar cartoon video of a cute indonesian girl, 18 years old, ponytail black hair, brown eyes, casual dress, take selfie at the garden. 

Prompt: Gorgeous business woman in her modern home office, in a casual wear, realistic image, detailed skin face and eyes, blinking eyelids.

Prompt: 3D animation, a boy sad, nothing works in life, just walking outside, with a focus on facial expression

Prompt: An animated cartoon style disney character of a little boy with expressive eyes, standing on a ship deck, wears a captain hat with skull emblem.

Experience The Future of Video Creation!

Craft Attention-Grabbing Cinematic Masterpieces With EVA's Cutting-Edge TRUE AI Innovations!

Bring Your Still Images To Life With EVA's Image-to-Video Capabilities! 

Build Feature-Film Stories With EVA's Seamless Multiscene Text-to-Movies 'Create Story' Engine! 

Unlock Your Viral Potential - See How EVA's AI Videos Can Transform Your Content Into Social Media Sensation!

Blow Up Your Tiktok, Reels and Stories! 

Create Viral Videos That Skyrocket Your Growth!

Mind-Blowing Space Facts

The Honest Rabbit

Save Our Planet

Timeless Elegance

Why Sleep Is Essential For Your Health

The Amazing Lifecycle of A Butterfly

Included In The Founder's Bundle...

Do you post often on Social Media and want to drive traffic to your offers from there? If yes, this app is a must for you. This app will create a central bio link for you which you can use on all your social platform's bio such as Instagram, TikTok, etc. With the BioLink Creator App, you can share multiple links at once in a beautiful way and track its performance. You can drive your followers to specific pages, products or articles with a single bio link. 



Photo editing does not need complicated tools like Photoshop and does not need to take a long time to do. This custom tool was created for you to make things easy. You can do simple stuff like cropping or adding a filter or you can do advanced things like layers and grading.

This all-in-one image editor is the last image editor you’ll ever need. And it comes with a COMMERCIAL LICENSE, too.




Bonus Delivery On Thank You Page

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Get EVA at a discount while you can...

Q Do I Need Any Technical Expertise To Use EVA?

No. Eva is a very straight forward, simple-to-use prompt and image to video engine. Everything from creating videos with prompts and images, and enhancing what you create is very intuitive for even the most novice users.  There’s also ample training on each feature showing you exactly how to use it.

EVA Helped TODD Get 1.2 Million TitTok Views

Listen To His Story And How You Can Use EVA To Boost Your Business!

EVA by Synthesys: Bundle
EVA by Synthesys: Mega Bundle

Tim's Exclusive Bonuses

1. AI Image Prompt Enhancer

This AI Tool will take your current prompts and bring them to the next level. Making your EVA images look 3x better!

2. AI Video Prompt Enhancer

This AI Tool will take your current video prompts and bring them to the next level. Making your EVA videos look 3x better!

3. Video Script Writer

Write the perfect video scripts. Just input your topic and objective and a video scripts rolls out for you!

4. Marketing Strategies

This AI Tool is perfect to write the perfect marketing strategies for you to sell your EVA creations. Heck, you can use it for any type of business!

5. Google search ad writer

Want to write Google ads for your new EVA business. No problem, this AI tool will take care of it!

6. AdGenius

This is the perfect AI-powered App for Ad Copy Ideation

7. LinkedIn AI Post Creator

Get 7 LinkedIn Posts based on your topic and target audience. Perfect to promote your EVA Business.

8. Influencer Finder

Need influencers to promote your business? Well use the influencer finder to find the best in the industry.

Watch Tim's Detailed Review of EVA!

Watch The Live Webinar Replay!

My Interview With Todd Gross!